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How To read uke Tabs :)

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i saw the tab tutorial on here, but they use really big words that i don't know. since i already know how to read tabs anyway i thought i could explain it in easier means :)) or maybe im just a lil stupid idk i'm just an e-girl


A tab is always read from left to right

the little numbers on the lines represent the fret you're putting your finger on

for example:

0 = open string

1 = first fret

2 = second fret 

3 = third fret




for this tab, pluck the C string twice, then the G once. For the next number, you'll be plucking once on the fourth fret and then once again on the same string, (still G) second fret.

keep following the numbers and make sure you're on the right strings. 



if the numbers line up like so, play them at the same time


symbols often used:

h for a hammer 
p for a pull-off 
/ for a slide up
\ for a slide down

https://youtu.be/ofGc2DErV2c ( for all of your hammering and pull-off needs)


enjoy!! i hope i didn't forget anything, let me know if i did :)))



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