Naucz się jak grać na ukulele : Nice picking part 2

Nice picking part 2

Nowy w grze na ukulele?
Naucz się grać na prostym i łatwym do zrozumienia Lekcje gry na ukulele dla początkujących (angielski).
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Here's the second part of my picking practice. If you didn't work part one you have to check it out in the « beginer level ». Don't forget to check this vidéo that show you how the piece works:

You can play this part after the first one like a « musical bridge ». It's still in F but we begin win a Bb Chord.

You can introduce that part 2 by finishing your « part one » loop with a F7.


Chord used in this part:

Bb                 F:                     C7     

A l---3           A l---0             A l---1  

E l---2           E l---1             E l---0

C l---1           C l---0             C l---0

G l---1           G l---2             G l---0


Bb chord is more difficult than the previous ones so be sure to master it well before you practice this.

The priciple is the same than part one with one more chord as you can see.

A l-----------1---------3---------1---------3----------0---------3------------0---------3-----
E l---------1---------1---------1---------1----------1---------1-----------1---------1--------
C l------2---------2---------2---------2----------0---------0-----------0---------0-----------
G l---3---------3---------3---------3----------2---------2-----------2---------2--------------


A l------------1---------3---------1--------3---------0--------3---------0---------3----------
E l---------0---------0---------0--------0---------1--------1---------1---------1-------------
C l------0---------0---------0--------0---------0---------0--------3---------3----------------
G l---0---------0---------0--------0---------2---------2--------2---------2-------------------


You can practice it the same way you've done with part one. When you get it try to fasten it again and again. Then check part 3.

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