Naucz się jak grać na ukulele : How to Enjoy Playing the Ukelele

How to Enjoy Playing the Ukelele

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Nowy w grze na ukulele?
Naucz się grać na prostym i łatwym do zrozumienia Lekcje gry na ukulele dla początkujących (angielski).
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I once read an old article about how to sew from the 1950s.  Granted, it was geared toward women who were homemakers, but many of the same tips can also apply to musicians like us as well. 

1. Do everything else first.  If you have completed all the big and important tasks on your list, there will a lot less on your mind to distract you from the sweet sounds of the ukelele dancing through your ears.  Allow your music time to be a personal reward for a job well done.

2. Make yourself presentable.  Don't allow your ukelele playing to become an excuse for being caught off-guard.  Get up, clean yourself up and make sure you look decent so if you are interrupted, there will be no stress caused by scrambling around trying to find your clothing or fix your hair, if you have enough to worry about!

3. Don't make it too much like work.  Unless you are a professional uke player, push yourself to get better, but don't push yourself so hard that it feels like you have to force yourself to play.  You're making the world a better place by filling it with music, not meeting a deadline to finish a project. Relax.

4. Make time to play.  Sometimes our schedules get so full that we forget that we as human beings aren't designed to run 24/7.  Chances are, if it's not on the calendar, then it probably won't happen.  If you have to, set aside time during your day to just stop for a few minutes and unwind.  If you really love something, then you will find the time to do it. 

5. Share it with others.  You've been given a gift!  You're not supposed to hide it, but to use it!  Share your love of the ukelele with others and bless them with music.  Encourage each other and build each other up so that, whatever your gifts may be, you can find mutual satisfaction in not only your successes, but in the success of others as well. 

Go, play, love, enjoy!

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