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How to tune your ukulele without a tuner (GCEA)

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When you first get a new ukulele, or even when you've had the ukulele for a while, the strings need to be tuned every so often, and when you're no where near a computer/tuner, it can be difficult to tune your uke. However, there's a method that can make it very easy. Yay!

Firstly, you need to know by ear what your E (2nd) string sounds like open by ear. It can take a while to learn, so just play it on its own over and over till you know it. Try tuning and untuning the string as well. Use an internet tuner now to help you on this, you can only learn by listening.
This is the hardest part of the method, but once you know the string it'll be easy as pie. Now you know this, you can start tuning the rest of your ukulele! :)

The next string we'll be tuning is the A (1st) string. Place your finger on the fifth fret on the E string. What you hear is the A string! Keep playing the fret with the open A string while tuning it until they sound the same. Now you've tuned the E and A strings! Woop! :)

The G (4th) string is similar to tune to the A string. Instead of playing the fifth fret on the E string, play the third fret. It sounds just like the G string! Go through the same method you used to tune the last string. Play both strings and tune the G string till they sound the same. Now you have 3 out of 4 strings tuned. Ohhh yeaa. :)

The next string we'll be doing is a bit harder, because as it's the C (3rd) string (the one we'll be tuning) isn't similar to a fret on the E string. So instead, put your finger on the fourth fret on the C string, which when tuned properly should sound like the E string! Exciting stuff, huh? So, play the two strings together again while tuning the C string till they sound the same.

And voila! You have a tuned ukulele! Check your tuning with an online tuner. If they sound different you may have gone wrong with tuning the E string. Once you learn this method, you can tune your uke anywhere you like!

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