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Triple strum

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That's a useful tip if you want to change your classic way of strumming in something that can add spice of your strums. For this technique you use not only your index finger as for the basic srum but also your thumb, so two fingers, but three strokes. The resulting rhythm will be a triplet.

Every triplet consists of three strokes, one down and two upwards. The first one is made using your index finger strumming down, the second is made upwards with your thumb and the third one is a strum upwards with your index finger. It is like a basical down-up strum with your index finger adding the thumb upwards in the middle of them. At first it will be difficult to have a good sound with your thumb, so try only the upstroke with your time over and over until you reach a good sounding stroke and you're satisfied by that. Then try the whole strumming pattern slowly and increase the speed only after you're statisfied by the result. This technique is particularily effective when you reach a good speed, but be sure you make it cleanily and in the correct way, otherwise it seems like you don't know what you're doing. Don't forget to practice changing chords! Be sure to use your wrist and not your arm to strum!

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