Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon Uke tab by Queen

12 Chords used in the song :

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Eb chordEb Ebm chordEbm Eb chordEb
I xx out xx work xx Monday xxxxxxx
Ebm chordEbm C7 chordC7
Tuesday x go xxx to xxxxxxxxx
Fm chordFm Eb chordEb Gm chordGm Cm chordCm
I'll xx back xxxxx before xxxx time xxx sunny xxxx
Ab chordAb Bb7 chordBb7 Eb chordEb
i'll xx lazing xx a xxxxxx afternoon

D chordD Gm chordGm
Bicycling xx every xxxxxxxxx evening
D chordD A7 chordA7
Thursday x go xxxxxxxx to xxx zoo
Fm chordFm Gm chordGm Dm chordDm
I xxxx from xxxxxx town
Eb chordEb D chordD
I'm xxxx an xxxxxxxx guy
Eb chordEb Bb chordBb
Fridays x go xxxxxxxx in xxx Louvre

Fm chordFm Eb chordEb Gm chordGm Cm chordCm
I'm xxxxx to xx proposing xx a xxxxxxxx night
Fm chordFm Eb chordEb Gm chordGm Cm chordCm Ab chordAb
I'll xx lazing xx a xxxxxx lazing xx a xxxxxx
Bb chordBb Ab chordAb Bb chordBb
lazing xx a xxxxxx afternoon
About this song

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon was another song by Mercury. He played piano and did all of the vocals. The lead vocal was sung in studio, produced through headphones elsewhere in the studio in a tin bucket. A microphone picked up the sound from the bucket, which gives it a hollow "megaphone" sound. The guitar solo is also reported to have been recorded on the vocal track, as there were no more tracks to record on. Read more on

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