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Il y a 29 He Is We Tablatures, accords, partitions de ukulélé tabs en base :

chr? A Mess It Growschr8 All About Uschr8 All About Uschr? And Runchr? Blame It On The Rain.chr? Breathechr9 Everything You Dochr3 Fallchr? Forever And Everchr? Georgiatab? Happily Ever Afterchr7 Happily Ever Afterchr10 His Namechr? I Wouldn't Mindchr8 Kiss It All Betterchr6 Kiss It Betterchr? Lead The Fightmix6 Light A Waymix? Light A Waychr? Love Lifechr? Our July In The Rainchr?Our July In The Rain [ Rate ] chr?Pardon Me [ Rate ] chr? Pour Me Outchr? Prove You Wrongchr? Secretchr? Tell Mechr? The One About Indifferencechr? Too Beautiful

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