Where's The Bathroom (crazy Ex-girlfriend) Uke tab by Themes

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Db7 Db7        C7 C7
Where's... the...
Fm Fm
bathroom? Where's the bathroom?
. Fm Fm
I need to use the bathroom
. Fm Fm
Tell me that you have a bathroom
. G7 G7 C C
In this hovel you call home

. Fm Fm
I don't know which was bumpier
. Fm Fm
The plane ride or the taxi
. Gm7 Gm7 Fm Fm
All these freeways are a nightmare
. C7 C7 Fm Fm
Where's my purse? I need my comb!

D7 D7 Db7 Db7 F#m F#m
By the way, you’re looking healthy
. F#m F#m
And by "healthy" I mean "chunky"
. F#m F#m
I don't mean that as an insult
. Ab7 Ab7 Db7 Db7
I'm just stating it as fact

. F#m F#m
I see your eczema is back
Db7 Db7 F#m F#m
Are you using the lotion that I sent you?
. Db7 Db7
If you're not gonna use it
. F#m F#m
I’ll return it to the store

Bm Bm A A
God, I give you everything
. Ab7 Ab7
And still you just want
Dbsus4 Dbsus4 Db Db
more more more more more

Eb7 Eb7 D7 D7
Where's... the...
Gm Gm
bathroom? Where's the bathroom?
. Gm Gm
You haven't told me where your bathroom is
“It's upstairs!”
. A7 A7 D D
Okay, fine, I need the walk

Well, your house is
Gm Gm
dot-dot-dot charming
. Gm Gm
Though some florals wouldn't kill you
. Cm Cm Gm Gm
Do you ever get a maid here?
. D7 D7 Gm Gm
It's so nice to sit and talk

. D7 D7 Gm Gm
Since when do you have a vendetta against vases?
. D7 D7
When did you stop wearing makeup?
. Gm Gm
Are you sure that you’re not gay?

Cm Cm Bb Bb
I'd still love you if you were gay
. A7 A7
It would explain this vase vendetta
. D D
Please just tell me if you're gay!
“Again, I am not gay!”

Cm Cm Gm Gm
Don't interrupt me
. D7 D7 Gm Gm G7 G7
You're always with the talking
. Cm Cm Gm Gm
I just got off a plane
. D7 D7 Gm Gm
Give me a moment to catch my breath

. Cm Cm Gm Gm
It's the least you can do since you
D7 D7 Gm Gm G7 G7
Lived inside me for nine months
. Cm Cm Gm Gm
And you still haven't told me
D7 D7
Where The hell your stupid bathroom is
“Again, it’s upstairs!”
“Oh, right! Thank you.”

Cm Cm Gm Gm Adim Adim Gm Gm Cm Cm Gm Gm D7 D7

. Abm Abm
You call that a bathroom?
. Abm Abm
That’s what passes for a bathroom?
. Abm Abm
There were no bowls of rocks
. Bb7 Bb7 Eb7 Eb7
Or any decorative soaps

. Abm Abm
You don't even have a bathmat
. Abm Abm
Who doesn't have a bathmat?
. Dbm Dbm Abm Abm
If you need a bathmat I can...
.Eb7 Abm Abm
Oh did you hear?!

. Am Am
A A bishop in Wisconsin said something anti-Semitic
. Am Am B7 B7 E7 E7
So, the temple has decided to boycott cheddar cheese

. Am Am
Everyone asks how you’re doing
Am Am Dm Dm Am Am
"How is widdle Becky? Is she still a bigshot lawyer?"
. E7 E7 Am Am
And to that, I just say "Please..."

. E7 E7
You won't get a husband this way
. Am Am
At least you have your career
. E7 E7
Oh wait, you threw out your career
. Am Am
To chase this California dream

. Dm Dm C C
I wasted all that dough on Harvard and Yale
. B7 B7 E7 E7
For you to be living in a dump, in Nowhere, USA
. E7 E7
Getting fatter by the minute on this greasy, goyish food

. E7 E7
Just put my luggage in my room
. E7 E7
Could I get a glass of water?
. E7 E7
I'll be back in a moment
. E7 E7
I need to use the bathroom


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