I'm The Villain In My Own Story (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast) Uke tab by Themes

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Am Am
. Am Am
I try to be good to others
. E7 E7 Am Am
Treat my fellow men like brothers and sisters
. E E F F
That's the story I'm the hero in
. E E F F
So how come I can't zero in
. E E
On why this song sounds so sinister?

“Oh my God…”

. Am Am
I'm the villain in my own story
. E7 E7
I'm the witch in my own tale
. Dm Dm Am Am
Though I insist I'm the protagonist
. B7 B7 E E
It's clear that my soul is up for sale

. Am Am
I'm the villain in my own story
. E E
The bad guy in my TV show
. Dm Dm
I'm the “who” in the “whodunit”
. Am Am
When I go to hell, I'll run it
. E E Am Am
As Satan's CFO!

“He needs someone to do the books.
Actually, I shouldn't do that I'm terrible with money.”

. Bbm Bbm
But wait, how am I a villain?
. F7 F7
I give annually to UNICEF
. F# F#  F F
And just last week I helped a lady cross the street
. Bbm Bbm
Who was super old and deaf

“Wait, where am I? Ahh, a bird!”

. Bbm Bbm
I'm the villain in my own story
. F F
I'm the bitch in the corner of the poster
. Ebm Ebm
I'm the figure in the doorway
. Bbm Bbm
or the Kraken up in Norway
. F F Bbm Bbm
God, who is this song's composer?

“It's, like, ridiculously sinister
Like re-dunk-ulously sinister.”


. Bm Bm
I'm the villain in my own story
. F# F#
My actions have gone way too far
. Em Em Bm Bm
I told myself that I was Jasmine
. Db7 Db7 F# F#
But I realize now I'm Jafar

. Bm Bm
We're told love conquers all
. F# F#
But that only applies to the hero
. Em Em Bm Bm
Is the enemy what I'm meant to be?
. F# F# Bm Bm
Is being the villain my destiny?


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