Friday I'm In Love Uke tab by The Cure (Baritone Chords)

4 Chords used in the song :

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Intro: [CC] [FF] [CC] [GG] [AmAm] [FF] [FF] [GG] (x2)

[CC] i xxxxx xxxx xx x [FF] onday's xxxx
[CC] tuesday's xxxx xxx [GG] wednesday xxx
[AmAm] thursday x xxxxx [FF] care xxxxx xxx
it's x [CC] riday xxx xx x [GG] ove

[CC] monday xxx xxx [FF] fall xxxxx
t [CC] uesday xxxxxxxxx [GG] break xx xxxxx
[AmAm] thursday xxxxxxx [FF] even xxxxx
it's [CC] friday xxx xx [GG] love

[FF] saturday [GG] wait
and [AmAm] sunday xxxxxx [FF] comes xxx xxxx
but [CC] friday xxxxx [GG] hesitate

[CC] i xxxxx xxxx xx [FF] monday's xxxxx
[CC] tuesday xxxxxxxxx [GG] heart xxxxxx
[AmAm] thursday xxxxx [FF] looking xxxx
it's [CC] friday xxx xx [GG] love

[CC] monday xxx xxx [FF] hold xxxx xxxx
[CC] tuesday xxxxxxxxx [GG] stay xx xxx
or [AmAm] thursday xxxxx xxx [FF] walls xxxxxxx
it's [CC] friday xxx xx [GG] love

[FF] saturday [GG] wait
and [AmAm] sunday xxxxxx x [FF] omes xxx xxxx
but [CC] friday xxxxx [GG] hesitate

[AmAm] dressed xx xx xxx xx [FF] es
it's x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx [CC] se
to xxx xxxx xxx [G chordG] es xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx [Am chordAm] e

throwing xxx xxxx xxxx [FF] n
and xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx [C chordC] d
and xx xxxxx xx x xxxxx [GG] k
spinning xxxxx xxx xxxxx [AmAm]
always xxxx x xxx xxxx [FF]
it's xxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxx [CC]
to xxx xxx xx [GG] t

in xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx [AmAm] t
you xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx [FF]
enough xx xxxx xxxxx [CC]
it's xxxxxx
i'm xx x [GG] ove

c xxxxxx first xxxxxx

{c:Outro = intro}
About this song

"Friday I'm in Love" written and performed by The Cure is the second single taken from the album Wish (1992). It is among the band's most well-known songs. Writing "Friday I'm in Love" was nominated for a Grammy Award and won the award for European Viewer's Choice for Best Music Video at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. The song was written to be a slower number than its upbeat final rendition. While the track was recorded in D major...

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