Fool Uke tab by Cavetown

Ukulele Tab without chords.

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Tab comments (6)
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gnstlgc avatar
gnstlgc flag for US(ISO2) (Chapel Hill)
100% the best song on here wow
20 Apr 2019
GhostyBoy avatar
amaazing 6 stars v nicce
12 Apr 2019
kenjagi avatar
kenjagi flag for KR(ISO2) (Make Out Hill)
the chords were super super easy 13/10 would play again
11 Apr 2019
Leaarnie avatar
Leaarnie flag for US(ISO2) (Crownsville )
very good very easy 12/10
06 Apr 2019
Bocu44 avatar
Bocu44 flag for US(ISO2) (Allentown)
10/10 best tab would play again
05 Apr 2019
moslavacena avatar
moslavacena flag for HR(ISO2) (Virovitica)
02 Apr 2019
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