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how do you do a pull-off?

KalaKiwi, 25 Jul 2017.

BTW..."The Numbers show you where to fret the strings (a zero means to play the open string)"

rosa2k10, 23 Mar 2016.

...but Absolute Beginners shouldn't be discouraged to try. Maybe your a natural with tabs and you don't even know it...yet.:)

rosa2k10, 23 Mar 2016.

What it doesn't say (anywhere) as far as I can tell, which it needs to if it's supposed to be for absolute beginners, is WHICH FRET YOU PUT YOUR HANDILY NUMBERED FINGER on. Thanks a whole lot. This is great for someone who already knows how to play and isn't an "absolute beginner".

Yook_Doom, 05 Apr 2014.