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    Thu Nov 14 20:50:22 2019

    Thank you so much @HighD.

    @ritupanda , i know how Google works, but that song just came out at the time and there wasn’t any tab or video. But thanks anyway.

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    Mon Jul 29 16:40:34 2019

  3. Sat Jul 27 02:37:38 2019
    Djaif started the conversation I need help figuring out chords!.

    Hi there!
    I’m into punk rock and today, I heard a ukulele song (by a punk rock band) that I would love to learn. But since the song came out today, there’s no tabs anywhere. It seems pretty simple but I can’t figure out the chords by myself, I just began playing.

    Band: Much The Same
    Song: In The Event Of...
    Album: Everything is Fine (2019)

    Thanks for your help!! :)