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    Tue Mar 26 16:22:14 2019
    alanj84 started the conversation Need a ukulele recommendation.

    Hello, guys. I run a small blog about guitars . I wrote a recommendation article about beginner acoustic guitars and I got some requests to write a post recommending some good ukuleles to start with for beginners. I don't want to write a post about it sinceI don't feel like it's ethical to recommend something I don't know anything about. Could you guys suggest me a few ukulele models that are affordable and yet good enough to get started with? And what exactly is important to look at when choosing a good quality ukulele?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. Mon Mar 25 03:41:00 2019
    alanj84 posted in Ukulele recomendations.

    Hi, can you recommend a ukulele for a guy who's been playing regular guitar for 6 years and now is looking for to try a different string instrument?

  3. Mon Mar 25 03:38:53 2019

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