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    Mon Mar 25 15:06:16 2019
    sacramentokhan started the conversation What tabs can you recommend?.

    Im new to the ukulele, have been playing for almost 2 months now. Ive been doing a lot of fingerpicking/fingerstyle on the ukulele. I have been playing songs like Europa, Maria by Santana. Beiber- Despacito. Can anyone recommend some good song/Tabs that are available on this site. Not too interested in chords just tabs.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Mon Mar 25 15:02:10 2019

    Carlos Santana- Maria.
    Also Europa by Santana is good too.

  3. Fri Mar 8 16:51:28 2019
    sacramentokhan started the conversation Any good songs for Finger Picking on this site?.

    I like fingerpicking/fingerstyle on the Ukulele. I was wondering if there are more songs I probably havent tried that have Tabs available on this website.

    So far ive ben playing songs from
    George Michael, Michael Jackson,, Nirvana, Coldplay, Linkin Park,Elvis etc