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    Tue Oct 16 11:36:34 2018
    ChargedDwarf posted in To strap or not to strap.

    If you want a strap but don't have the proper strap hook things on your uke, may a recommend command hooks? stick them on the bottom and wherever you want the other end to attach to. (do it facing down so gravity helps keep the strap in) The fancy adhesive on the hooks don't mess up your ukulele. (not that I've seen at least) and this also allows you to make a strap out of string or whatever (If you want too)

  2. Mon Oct 15 16:05:40 2018
    ChargedDwarf posted in I can't see any songs :(.

    It's working again! Thank you!!

  3. Mon Oct 15 12:31:22 2018
    ChargedDwarf started the conversation I can't see any songs :(.

    Am I the only one who can't see any songs? Every song I click on just opens a blank page. It's especially weird because everything else on this site works. Any suggestions?