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    Fri May 18 22:49:18 2018
    kopavi posted in Middle "C" confusion.

    That is exactly what I thought. (Please realize while reading this that my music training is on piano and middle C is one line below the bottom E of typical staff notation.) Alas, when reading music transcribed using tablature for the baritone uke, you can't find a middle C, at least they don't identify it on the musical staff. My confusion came about when I spent a little time in a Hal Leonard Baritone ukulele, book 1. I went through it, and enjoyed it. I then got The Daily Ukulele Book for Baritone and "everything" looked different. Sitting at a piano and playing melodies from various books, I figured out that music transcribed for ukulele and using tablature shows notes one octave above where the same note is written for non tablature presentation. I wish they would have mentioned that in the beginners book.

    Your confirmation of my suspicions is most appreciated and your map of the fret board is seriously useful. Many thanks, Bill

  2. Fri May 18 18:00:56 2018
    kopavi started the conversation Middle "C" confusion.

    I have a bit of experience with piano and was recently gifted with a lovely baritone uke. I got started on it, great fun. My confusion started with a discussion with a music teacher and reading music. Ultimately it boiled down to a simple question: is there a middle C note as one might find on a piano on a baritone uke? If Yes, which string and fret?