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    Sat Jun 2 07:54:36 2018
    akshayv posted in am i the only bassest?.

    I’ve suffered from planters fasciitis and a broken foot. My feet were in constant pain until I bought this shoes. When I get home from work I don’t want to put on my slippers I just want to keep on my kudus. I’ve been recommending them to all my friends. I'm so thankful for the relief from plantar fasciitis when I'm wearing them. I’ve owned my orthofeet for over two months now.

  2. Wed Jan 31 06:39:20 2018
    akshayv posted in To strap or not to strap.

    My patients have found the Velcro straps to be very easy to use and adjust, especially those with arthritis in their hands. I have appreciated the constant updating to the products with new offerings and improvements to the line every season and look forward to continuing to offer the shoes to my patients for many years.I have been offering patients Orthofeet shoes for 6+ years and my patients, both diabetics and non-diabetic, have found them to be comfortable and stylish.

  3. Fri Jan 12 10:58:00 2018
    akshayv posted in Callus Situation!.

    I have several foot issues (bunions, hammertoe, pronation, and neuroma) and it is hard to find a shoe that I can walk in all day. Well, finally I did! I have Orthofeet's grey and red pair and they look and feel terrific and have great arch support. Will definitely look in to purchasing another pair.

  4. Wed Jan 3 09:41:14 2018
    akshayv posted in Finger Pain.

    I am very heavy, my feet are sensitive, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Arthritis. Nothing I have purchased before including at the Podiatrist office has been this durable and this comfortable. I know I will buy more in the future as they wear out. If you are thinking about it, don't, your feet will thank you, I know mine have by being painless. orthofeet is very comfortable.