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    Mon Jun 18 10:24:12 2018

    a proud hufflepuff here!

  2. Mon Jun 18 10:20:37 2018

    panic! at the disco, oh wonder, tom rosenthal, the beach boys, borns, brokhampton, coin, dodie clark, gorillaz, mother mother, ok go, sales, snckpck, glass animals, ninja sex party, dylan gardner, east india youth, tessa violet, superorganism, the beatles, bob marley, bastille.
    haha that's a pretty long list but it coulda been lomger! but yeah, hm, these are my most favoured bands/artists

  3. Mon Jun 18 10:07:34 2018
    dattyty posted in What's your Fav song on Uke?.

    my current fav songs are P.A.S.T.A by tom rosenthal and nowhere man by the beatles :D