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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Aug 18 00:35:59 2018
    ukulehman posted in Music makes me forget.

    even when my throat hurts from screaming all day, i can still sing

    i absolutely love singing Twenty One Pilots songs after hard days. You can just scream and strum as loud as you want and its beautiful. once i did it until my finger bled. i just. i love ukulele.
    i miss my uke when im away.

  2. Sat Aug 18 00:25:29 2018
    ukulehman posted in Easy song on the ukulele?.

    Riptide, Vance Joy. Literally three chords.
    most Twenty One Pilots songs are pretty easy if you know any of those
    and most worship songs too.
    hurricane from Hamilton is pretty easy if youre into showtunes. also, some heathers. Dear Evan Hansen is pretty fun to play.

    idk what you're into but if you get back to me on what you like i'll work on finding songs better suited for you, if i can.
    hope you found some good ones


  3. Sat Aug 18 00:14:50 2018
    ukulehman posted in Is it normal?.

    i think thats relatively normal. i've memorized a few songs but for more complicated or newer songs i always use tabs. maybe try memorizing one super easy song (like Riptide or something lol) and see if you still have this problem i guess.

  4. Tue May 29 14:11:04 2018
    ukulehman posted in No More Lyrics..?.

    i think if it happens again just log out and log back in

  5. Tue May 29 14:09:19 2018
    ukulehman posted in No More Lyrics..?.

    it may have been a bug? it happened to me the other day so i exited the site and reopened it. as for the websites i'm sure they're fine. i'd continue using them as normal.

  6. Tue May 29 14:07:18 2018
    ukulehman posted in Does your uke have name?.

    i just named my mom's uke Ukularry. kind of difficult to say but really fun as well.

  7. Mon May 21 19:13:28 2018

    Hola! ukulele

  8. Wed May 16 14:06:10 2018
    ukulehman posted in first song.

    my mom learned Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's over the rainbow because my grandparents are huge hawaii fans. they've been seven times. i'm pretty sure that was the first one i learned too, but i taught myself how to play all in one night, two weeks before christmas, so i also learned all i want for christmas is you by mariah carey and a few Twenty One Pilots songs. right now i'm working on Hometown for a school project/performance.

  9. Mon Apr 9 22:40:34 2018

    slytherpuff here

  10. Mon Apr 9 22:19:37 2018
    ukulehman started the conversation More (outtake).

    if anyone could get me a tab (even guitar chords? not picking, obviously) for More (outtake) by Marcy Harriell and Lin-Manuel Miranda from the Moana soundtrack that'd be amazing because i really like it but can't find it on anything by chordify and i do not like chordify. it'd sound amazing for my end of year choir project...

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