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    Fri Jun 2 12:20:37 2017
    HanjiZoe posted in What Inspired You to Play Uke?.

    I play the violin and the acoustic and electric guitar so I thought why not play the uke as well? At the time I wasn't for sure if I wanted to play but I had a lot of Samoan and Hawaiian friends who played the uke and it was so beautiful sounding! From that day I was certain I wanted to play the uke!

  2. Fri Jun 2 12:16:34 2017
    HanjiZoe posted in Does your uke have name?.

    The names to my ukes are Hanji, Miche, Levi, Nanaba, Yato, Yukine, Bishamon, Plisetsky, Nikiforov, and Katsuki.... I literally bought one in honor of my favorite anime characters... I plan on getting a few more different instruments for a few more anime names and some figure skating names :)

  3. Fri Jun 2 12:05:55 2017
    HanjiZoe posted in Strumming problem.

    In Youtube, search up The Ukulele Teacher. He isn't very good at singing but his lessons are easy and he gives you strumming patterns, chords, and songs. I've learned from him before I found out about this site and now I am able to hear the strumming pattern and know plenty of chords to songs. If he doesn't have the song you're looking for you could always just search the strumming pattern in Google or find someone to learn from in Youtube. It gets easier along the way so don't worry! Hope this helps!

  4. Fri Jun 2 11:59:29 2017
    HanjiZoe posted in Unable to reach chords....

    Hey there! I am also new to this site and not too new to the uke. I'm not sure if I can give you any tips with the chords but I can try. With E maybe try using your pinky to reach the 4th fret string? I don't have many problems with chords since my fingers are long.... Unfortunately, I have no tips for B and Bm ... Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy uke playing!

  5. Fri Jun 2 11:51:34 2017
    HanjiZoe posted in Using your thumb = "cheating"?.

    I personally don't need to use my thumb ever, however it isn't a bad thing and isn't considered cheating. It's really up to YOU and what feels comfortable.

  6. Fri Jun 2 11:49:58 2017
    HanjiZoe posted in first song.

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow :)