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    Fri Feb 8 21:02:32 2019

    We are the crystal gems from Steven Universe
    Angel with a shot gun by the cab

  2. Fri Feb 8 17:37:00 2019
    SchlagenB posted in What's your Fav song on Uke?.

    Running Home To You by Grant Gustin.

  3. Fri Feb 8 17:24:23 2019
    SchlagenB started the conversation What is your favorite anime opining?.

    Mine are "Soul Eater", "Black Butler", "Attack on Titan", or Both "Noragami" opinings.

  4. Fri Feb 8 17:19:51 2019

    Panic! At The Disco, Pentatonix, AmaLee, Queen, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Nightcore, Nightcore Reality, bacicly everything anime related. There is *A LOT* more but i can't think of more at the moment.