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    Sat Jan 28 03:34:32 2017
    TheBluePick started the conversation Preferred Strings?.

    I'm kind of new to this whole strings game so, what do you guys recommend? I have the Aquila Super Nygult strings and I really like them. But, I'm changing them to Martin and Co. clear fluorocarbon strings somewhere in the future.

  2. Sat Jan 28 03:29:52 2017

    I do this weird thing with the G chord. Instead of 1st finger on C, 2nd finger on A, and 3rd finger on E, I go 1st finger on A, 2nd finger on C, and 3rd on E. Is it okay to do that?

  3. Fri Jan 6 02:22:52 2017
    TheBluePick started the conversation Making songs.

    So, what is the best way to make a chord progression for a song? Or should I go lyrics first?