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    Fri Nov 11 22:28:14 2016
    IUker posted in Damaged fingernail.

    Have to report the above seems to be working for me, nice to have a fingernail again.

  2. Fri Oct 21 14:03:53 2016

    Agree with strap. My Fluke would slid around so I picked up some rubber like material one side and sticky on the other that is used to hold carpet or rugs in place and put it on the backside of the Uke, doesn't look great, but. Works.

  3. Fri Oct 21 13:58:07 2016
    IUker posted in Damaged fingernail.

    Same thing - taking Biotin to strengthent the nail per PA @'dermatologists office may take several months. Also putting finger in vinegar several times a day. Not better yet so using felt pick