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    Sat Jun 8 11:32:05 2019

    I have been having this problem as well. It doesn't matter if I'm manually scrolling or not, the "helpful" tab-chart pops down and covers all of the words at the top that I'm trying to see and I can't find any settings that would allow me to turn this off because I don't need it. I know all of my chords.

    Note: I am having this problem specifically on the desktop version. I can find all of the settings just fine on the mobile version. But I need my phone to record so there's the problem.

    Edit: I switched from chrome to firefox and it still didn't work but then I switched to Microsoft edge and when I pressed the arrow to make the charts go away it did and didn't come back when I started to scroll down again. It did come back when I went back to the top but I was finished with the song so that didn't matter.