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    Wed Sep 25 21:28:29 2019
    MiriumStudium posted in Use Firefox to Upload tabs if on a Mac.

    :D :)

    But I'm seeing a pattern here :/
    Could it be because I am on a Mac now?
    I used to upload my tabs on a Windows machine. but started using a Mac within the last year.
    Ok so I just confirmed that on Windows machine's the fonts are fine :o So it's likely a MacOS issue.

    But I just downloaded Firefox, and it looks great! :D So I'll just have to use Firefox when I want to upload tabs on my Mac. Thanks! ;)

    Awesome! Excited to see the new site ;) :D :)

  2. Tue Sep 24 14:24:33 2019
    MiriumStudium posted in Use Firefox to Upload tabs if on a Mac.

    And it also doesn't help when you want to edit a tab.
    Then there isn't even a "Preview" option. without a Monospaced font, if you don't get your tab right the first time, it's almost impossible to get the spacing right later.

  3. Tue Sep 24 13:51:32 2019
    MiriumStudium started the conversation Use Firefox to Upload tabs if on a Mac.

    I'm not sure when the textarea when uploading tab's font changed, but it at least used to be a monospaced font that didn't leave you guessing where the chord should be.
    I don't know why the font style changed, and I understand that there's a "Preview Result" button, but the fonts used to be the same. Now, trying to figure out where the chords should be is frustrating and it takes a lot more time to upload a tab.

  4. 2 years ago
    Fri Apr 6 15:28:05 2018
    MiriumStudium posted in Buy Facebook Followers.

    What are you even on about!?!

    Take your marketing/spam somewhere else!

    Admins... please remove this man and his post.

  5. Tue Apr 3 20:55:28 2018

    @UT ...this was tagged as something to change/improve. And this is what we decided: TV Shows/Movie Soundtracks/Video Games/Commercials. Does it make more sense?
    nb. Bio has been removed, TY

    Oui, merci beaucoup. Cela a plus de sens.
    I understand that you do not want to have every TV Series or Movie as an artist.
    Les séparer en catégories de "TV Shows/Movie Soundtracks/Video Games/Commercials" ça semble être une bonne idée.
    Merci d'avoir pris le temps de répondre à ma question.

  6. Mon Apr 2 22:41:20 2018


    When you go onto any tab, there are some icons right below the tab title.
    The "no entry sign" is the "Send Feedback" button. When you click on it, it states:

    Select why to delete/edit this tab*

    Send the moderators some comments or tips as to why you want to delete it.

    Hope this is helpful.


  7. Mon Apr 2 22:21:36 2018
    MiriumStudium posted in Blocked in your country.....


    Use a VPN

    Something like TunnelBear should work.
    It scrambles your IP address and makes the internet think you're in a different country.

    I used TunnelBear for a while when Spotify wasn't available in South Africa yet.

  8. Mon Apr 2 22:16:01 2018

    All computer game songs, TV songs and movie soundtracks belong in "Themes"

    I really don't agree with this.

    When you go into Themes, there is just a Jumble of tabs that hardly makes any sense.
    Why would we want to group game songs, TV tunes and movie soundtracks all into one grouping?
    It's hard to look through, when some songs have the (movie or TV name in brackets) and some don't...
    Disney has its own "Artist" name, why can't movies have their own artist name as well such as The Greatest Showman

    Also, the Biography of Themes is for some US band that has nothing to do with what "Themes" actually is in this sense.

    Please ask your developers or the people in charge of organising tabs if we can at least separate game songs with game songs only... TV shows in TV shows and movies with movies... But ideally it would be nice if movies could just be their own artist, for example, this is a movie High School Musical and this is a TV show MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC

    Please and Thank you.

  9. 3 years ago
    Thu Jun 29 00:57:20 2017
    MiriumStudium posted in Favorite Artist to Play?.

    Jason Mraz,
    I have about 40 of his songs that I have uploaded and love to play.
    His songs are great to play on the ukulele. :)

  10. Thu Nov 3 12:11:20 2016
    MiriumStudium posted in What Inspired You to Play Uke?.


    One can never have too many Ukuleles!

    I received a Flying V SpongeBob Ukulele as a present for my birthday, back in 2011. But not because I played the Ukulele, because I was obsessed with SpongeBob SquarePants. :) I decided instead of just letting it lie around looking pretty, I'd actually learn how to play this thing! ;)
    5 years and 7 ukes later, here I am... a decent ukulele player. :D
    Now, I love learning new songs, sharing my tabs with other ukulele lovers and teaching Ukulele to my fellow WeThinkCode_ classmates. <3
    What an amazing instrument to learn. ;)
    Miriam "Ukulily" Studium

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