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    Sat Oct 29 22:50:27 2016
    Charabeach posted in What Inspired You to Play Uke?.

    I started playing out of spite. My best friend had been playing for a few years, and everyone at school loved when she played, so I took my brother's unused ukulele, stayed up till 3 AM and learned a song called Piazza New York Catcher by Belle and Sebastian. I went to school the next day to show everyone, but I wasn't very good, so no one cared, from then on its been my goal to be better at ukulele then my friend.
    I've been playing a little under a year now, I've performed at my middle school christmas assembly, taught 4th graders for extra credit, performed at my 8th grade graduation, small festivals with my friend, a coffee house with my mother(she's in a band, it was a song I wrote), and joined my high school band. I'm in the band with my best friend, and the teacher thought I was the one playing for years. That was the best moment, someone who has been playing for thirty years said I was better at playing then my friend, and that moment is why I started playing.
    To note: my friend and I are now the same level, and have friendly competition with our instruments, and we have our first high school concert this upcoming week where we'll be playing a ukulele duet solo thing together in the song Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man.

  2. Sat Oct 29 22:39:10 2016
    Charabeach posted in Baritone Uke need help.

    The best thing about baritone is that its the bottom four strings of a guitar, so if you're ever playing with friends and can't get the right chord, ask them for it on guitar, and play it normally, whatever is on the top two strings won't matter. The other best thing is the plucking patterns for soprano are the same as baritone. I learned how to do that on an app call yousiocion, and it helped me start.
    I don't know other wise, but feel free to message me, as I can show you strumming patterns, or help with anything else.

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    I get asked to play Riptide, House of Gold and Payphone a lot by my friends, as well as Hey There Delilah, and of course the other songs mentioned.
    What I do for figuring out what songs to memorize the chords of is I figure out what are some favorite among peers, or top ten, figure out which of those songs I know/like, and learn them. Also check out this sites top ukulele list, its hella helpful.