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    Thu Feb 25 23:52:24 2016
    idenchasy posted in practice routine suggestions?.

    I'm the newest of newbies - with ZERO musical background - and loving every minute. The practice is my favorite part. I started a weekly lesson series (8 total) at a local music store. Luckily, our instructor is very competent and taught a couple of chords each week that built on those previously introduced and integrated into songs. Every day, I put in a minimum of one hour, more if possible, going through each and every song two or three times to keep improving on moving through the chords. I then try one new song from here (this week, it's "Get Together," by the Youngbloods) that utilize chords learned in class. There are also some basic fingering exercises you can find on YouTube that help improve dexterity. Every week, it's (sonically and painfully) VERY obvious who has or has not practiced.

    This all culminated in a birthday gift for my wife, who turned 50 this year; everyone at her party was given a lyrics sheet to "I'm A Believer," written by Neil Diamond and performed by the Monkees and I played along on my ukulele while we all sang it to her. It was amazing. This week it's going to be "Imagine," by John Lennon.