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    Sun Nov 4 11:51:43 2018
    passionINK posted in No lyrics when I print.

    yes im from germany ... and only this strange page have the clever idea to cut out the lyrics ... all damn pages on earth show lyrics except this one ...

    and @lukini ... u dont say, i also can convert guitar chords to ukulele chords ... and i can play by ear ... there are tons of possibilities but this wont change anything that my favourit page startet to do such a mess ... all time this dumb "use google!" shit .... if i need only google for everything than i can also can talk shit about this site by all ppl who ask me where i can find good tabs and chords for ukulele ... ... " USE GOOGLE AND UR COMMON MIND TO PLAY UKULELE !" =____=)"

    this use google stuff ... than is this side obsolet when u cut out the handy part of combine chords and lyrics in one ... beside the fakt all other are able to use this site 100% u two choose just the easy part and have a good easy going life , this makes me sick !


    PPS: BTW it work now very well ... all lyrics are back, dunno who did this but im thankfull for this, cause this here is my favourit page and only of this site i was able to learn to play ukulele.... so rly , im gratefull thank u very much to bring back the lyrics in germany !

  2. Thu Oct 25 12:27:52 2018
    passionINK posted in Lyrics?.

    its shouldnt be blocked in germany also ... but it is ... :/

  3. 2 years ago
    Sun Sep 9 08:36:42 2018
    passionINK posted in No lyrics when I print.

    same for me like Das Louie...
    Kinda funny cause we have to belocked in to write to this massage board isnt it ?! XD

  4. Tue Aug 7 08:28:28 2018
    passionINK posted in No lyrics when I print.

    wait ... u guys have lyrics on the website but not when u print.... ?
    I have no lyrics on the website nor print Oo ... whats going on ?!
    Didnt knew i living in china for that big cencorship... or is germany that restricted ?

  5. Mon Aug 6 21:25:35 2018
    passionINK posted in No More Lyrics..?.

    still no lyrics ...still rly shit ...

  6. Fri Jun 29 07:45:55 2018
    passionINK posted in No More Lyrics..?.

    hapen to me too and wont go back at all .. its super anyoing, and less fun to use anymore.