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    Thu Jan 30 23:37:36 2020
    GrandEclectus posted in Uke Festivals Eastern USA.

    Gaithersburg Uke Fest:
    Where: Gaithersburg Maryland, USA
    When: Friday March 20 - Sunday March 22
    Featuring: Lil' Rev, Bill Wynne, Gary Haleamau & Ohana, Maureen Andary, Kevin Carroll, Gracie Terzian, Jose Luis Tolosa

    Correction to Funky Frets and Vermont: Lil Rev not a featured player.

  2. Thu Jan 30 20:59:32 2020
    GrandEclectus posted in Uke Festivals Eastern USA.

    Here are some upcoming events from Memphis to Vermont.

    Uke fests are a great place to learn, listen and meet like minded ukulele fans. They are always welcoming and helpful to beginners and experts alike. Hope to see you there!

    The Memphis Uke-N-Roll Jamboree
    Where: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
    When: April 23 - 26, 2020
    Featured: Andrew Molina, Lil Rev, Devin Scott, Ukester Brown, Megan Carolan, Petey Mack, The Rhamblin Rhinos Rhedux

    Allegheny Ukulele Soirée
    Where: Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
    When: April 24, 25, 26, 2020
    Featured: Aldrine Guerrero, Heidi Swedberg, Daniel Ward, Neal Chin, The Naked Waiters, The Dirty Hillers, Mim, Amber Rozel, Milo Fultz

    New Jersey Ukulele Festival
    Where: Whippany & Morristown, New Jersey, USA
    When: August 28–30, 2020
    Featured: TBA

    Funky Frets Ukulele Festival
    Where: Boyertown, Pennsylvania, USA
    When: October 2,3,4, 2020
    Featuring: Curt Sheller, Aloha Boys, Lil Rev, others TBA

    Vermont Ukulele Harvest
    Where: Putney, Vermont, USA
    When: October 16, 17, 2020
    Featuring: Ben Carr, Curt Sheller, Lil Rev, others TBA

  3. 3 years ago
    Thu May 4 18:56:39 2017
    GrandEclectus posted in Any good uke songs to try?.

    Wow, great resource! Thanks Jeffrey! Bookmarked!

    For KalaKiwi: I suggest Uke clubs if there is one in your area. If not, there are lots of sheets online.

    I just pick out songs I want to learn and find info about them. I write up my own sheets too.

    You can also look at the man lists here of top tunes.


  4. Thu May 4 18:52:33 2017

    That's awesome! Congrats to you both!

  5. Wed Apr 26 19:52:58 2017
    GrandEclectus posted in NEED HELP!!!.

    Hi Chris,
    There are a lot of great videos on YouTube that can help you out.
    It sounds like you need to start with small steps and then you can work up to playing the way you would like. I'm partial to Cynthia Lin, but Ukulele Teacher, TenThumbs, Ukulele Mike are all great for starting out.

    Cynthia Lin has some nice finger picking songs, including Blackbird.

    Happy Uke'ing!

    My first advice to new players: RELAX! Ukuleles don't have teeth! They like to cuddle, not bite!

  6. Wed Apr 26 14:58:36 2017

    Check out Cynthia Lin on YouTube. I believe she's got a tutorial on Sound of Silence with the the finger picking. Great song.

  7. Tue Apr 25 02:01:32 2017
    GrandEclectus started the conversation Songs in Limbo.


    How do I get my songs out of limbo?

    In particular would be a nice addition. I even worked out the tab! Plus it's got all the key changes.

    I also have "Eve of Destruction" in limbo. The only difference is the chording at the beginning, which goes from G - Gsus4 to Gsus2 and mimics the record.

    Both songs have been in the dead zone since I posted them long ago.


  8. Tue Apr 25 01:47:33 2017
    GrandEclectus posted in Uke Contest?.

    Aw, I miss them!. Never won, but it lit a fire under me to contribute. I'll still post songs though.

  9. Sun Apr 16 13:50:54 2017
    GrandEclectus posted in Lullaby suggestions.

    "Lullaby" by Trout Fishing In America;

    Best lullaby ever!
    Let me know what you think.

  10. 4 years ago
    Sat Jun 4 01:11:53 2016
    GrandEclectus posted in BANJOLELE.

    I love banjoleles. I have not found one I like.

    Cynthia Lin does some nice things with one.

    I want one! I love the sound.

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