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  1. 2 years ago
    Sun Nov 26 04:19:13 2017
    pau1223 posted in how to create a songbook.

    How do I delete some songs from my Songbook?

    There was a problem on my android app a few weeks ago and it copied almost all the songs I had-then more than 300 apperared-, I reinstall the app but the problem still, then I tried (in the smartphone and pc) to delete the songs one by one until only the pieces I wanted were on the list -it took me hours!, but it didn't work so I still have those songs repeated and some others I don't want to keep on my SB.

  2. Fri Jul 7 01:12:20 2017
    pau1223 posted in Songs in Limbo.

    @GrandEclectus ut o

    Hi there!
    To post any song you have pending you need someone else to rate it and approve it.
    I've just rated your song and sounds pretty good! ;)

  3. Fri Jul 7 01:01:19 2017
    pau1223 posted in jake bugg tabs.

    @m1s2ki s

    I have added Love hope and mysery chords here , and there are some other easy chords posted on the artist's page here on ukulele-tabs. Good luck!

  4. Fri Jul 7 00:58:18 2017
    pau1223 posted in first song.

    Poli, from mexican band Zoé

  5. Fri Jul 7 00:55:38 2017
    pau1223 posted in Favorite Artist to Play?.

    Can't say! I just love the music, so many artists, so many genres, so many sounds...