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  1. 3 years ago
    Mon Nov 14 14:16:23 2016
    mosengosen posted in What Inspired You to Play Uke?.

    i've never been a very musical person, but i've been interested in making it and playing something since i was a kid. But i never ended up making anything of that wish since i don't have anyone in my family who could teach me. I took up the piano when i was 13, it ended up being to hard and i didn't have the patience to learn it. Then my brother got interested in playing the guitar, which i thought seemed like a lot of fun, buuuut i have pretty small hands so i had a lot of trouble taking any complicated chords (i realize now i prolly could have with some practice). And then around my sixteenth birthday i was like "you know what? i wan't an ukulele, they sound cute and seems easy to get started with"! I got one and badamam, now i play and love it, planning on getting a tenor one really soon :)

  2. Mon Nov 14 14:09:39 2016
    mosengosen posted in Does your uke have name?.

    oooh i haven't though of it hmm... Maybe Lilac or Lily, i can't decide ; w ;