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  1. 2 months ago
    Mon Nov 4 16:58:34 2019

    thanks for reporting this. This isn't expected, can you send a screenshot? TY!

  2. 3 months ago
    Tue Oct 8 10:12:43 2019
    UT posted in Chords Positions.

    You're welcome!
    Note that you will be able to select your chords from a list of pre-defined voicings as well (to make your selection easier). For this, we will use the positions available on our sister site about ukulele chords . And you'll be able to hear how chords sound on the new song page... among other awesome new features :)

    Hope you will like it!

  3. Mon Oct 7 18:10:55 2019
    UT posted in Chords Positions.

    Hey @MachTwang !
    Thanks for submitting tabs. It is not possible to add a specific voicing in this version (it will in next version that should go live in early 2020), usually what other players do is they add this info at the top of the tabs.

    thanks for your feedback ;)

  4. Tue Oct 1 13:13:07 2019

    Thanks for providing more info.
    So you see the issue on Safari and Chrome using your mac?

    We'll double-check that on the new site as well, thanks for your feedback.

  5. Tue Sep 24 14:35:44 2019

    Hey @MiriumStudium, thanks for your feedback!
    We did not change anything and can't reproduce this.

    What's the browser you're using please?
    also, please note that new site is almost finished, we plan to launch it by end-January ;)

  6. Mon Sep 23 14:54:39 2019
    UT posted in AutoScroll?.

    Can you send us an example where is occurs?
    also, what's your browser (inc. version number) and OS please?

    thanks a lot!

  7. 4 months ago
    Mon Sep 16 11:38:31 2019
    UT posted in AutoScroll?.

    you need to click/press on a number (that's the speed, 0 stops the scroll).

  8. Mon Sep 16 11:37:13 2019

    thanks for submitting tabs. Albums are automatically fetched using 3rd party APIs.
    If we can't find any album, or if the one we linked to your tab is wrong, please contact us , TY!

  9. Mon Sep 16 11:34:46 2019
    UT posted in Strums.


    You can use any of the most useful strumming patterns: https://www.ukulele-tabs.com/strumming-patterns.html

    nb. It's an English Forum.

  10. 5 months ago
    Thu Aug 15 13:04:42 2019

    That would be great if you could export your tab to an ASCII (text) tab. Thx

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