C+ and G+ chords

  1. 7 years ago

    Wonder if any of you can help me, have come across 2 chords which are G+ & C+.
    Can you please enlighten me as to what shape these are on the neck of my Tenor Uke.
    Many thanks.

  2. the plus sign (+) means "augmented" or "aug"

    so G+ is same as Gaug; and C+ is Caug

    both can be found on the chords chart tool on this site (top left area, mouse over it, and click tenor)

  3. JaxX

    17 Jun 2013 Moderator

    here is the direct link : tenor uke chords

    And the diagrams you're looking for :

    Did you find these chords on the site?

  4. Many thanks for your kind help, with these 2 chords.


  5. 3 years ago

    Great - I have the answer now to the Gaug and G+ Thank you

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