Major Noob Question (Chords)

  1. 6 years ago

    I can't play chords I don't know whether I'm supposed to hold the string all the way down or touch it (doesn't work either). Every time I try it's just a thud noise. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? And can you please help?

  2. I'm not good at ukulele, but I can play guitar and it sounds to me like you are pressing down on the frets. The way to play chords is to press just behind the fret indicated then strum, if my explanation was hard to understand then have a look at some youtube videos.

  3. What's your youtube?

  4. Anyone have an clearer explanation?

  5. Make sure no fingers are touching the strings that aren't supposed to be there. You may be muting the strings. You want to press the string all the way down to the fret board. Push the string down behind the fret (small horizontal metal bars along the neck) you're using. Imagine the space between 2 frets as a box. You want to push the string all the way down, right in the middle of the box. Try a C chord. It only uses one finger. Push the string down, on the fret board, not the fret itself, and make sure only one finger is being used. Clear all other fingers and strum. You should achieve a nice, clean sound. Essentially, what you are doing is shortening the string, making it higher. Best of luck!

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