Software to capture TABS

  1. 7 years ago

    Ladies and Gents

    I want a easy to use software to be able to note done new tabs as i learn them. Not some complex musical program, just a sketching package :-)

    Any advise, today i am using paper and pencil!


  2. I wish I could help, but I use a pen and paper too!

  3. try tuxguitar.

    settings for ukulele is:
    nylon string guitar, 4 strings, offset 12, g4,c4,e4,a4

  4. HI, in case this is still of interest to you:
    Just bought TableEdit für reasonable € 50,-
    A lot of folks I asked - both uke and dulcimer players worldwide - strongly recommended TableEdit. Like any windows programm it is not too hard to get started. You'll find the company on the net. A limited trial-version is also available

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