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  1. 7 years ago

    Hi people,
    I start playing Ukulele like a month or two ago, but as I already play guitar (and I really enjoy Ukulele) I think I'm learning pretty fast. Anyway, I already got a youtube channel about guitar and piano lessons with a friend, so I decide to do also Ukulele lesson. Here's my first lesson:

    Would aprecciate tips and advices to improve my technique and quality of the videos and also requests for songs.

  2. Youtube is how I learned too, been playing for 5 months now. It doesn't have much for when you get past the "beginner's" stage though, and what they do have is very vague. Like all those Hawaii music supply lessons they don't give tabs or specific chord charts or anything. Me being visually impaired I can't always see what fret their finger is on haha so I guess to get to the next level you have to be taugh by someone. I might be getting ahead of myself although I have been told by many that I have progressed alot in 5 months.

  3. last year

    Ukulele is a great thing for enjoyment. YouTube is a great source to learn to play. Ukulele Reviews may be a great source to know what channels are best.

  4. I watch Elise Ecklund and she helps you learn popular alternative/pop/rock songs. Hope this helps!

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  6. Don't stick to one teacher. They all have something to add to your knowledge. Sometimes you find there are people who think they are teachers and are not.

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