What time of the day do you play?

  1. 5 years ago

    Hi everyone I was just wondering what time of the day do you usually pick up your instruments? I tend to play at noon or in the evening.

  2. When im bored.
    My brother comes around alot and we jam.

  3. All times. But the majority is usually at night.

  4. Being a musician is in some ways like being a writer. Without spending a lot of time alone working on your craft, you rarely grow. (The musician can be lucky... twice: few authors get to work with others, and unless you lecture, you don't get many chances to perform in public. The musician gets instant feedback from his/her audience.)

    Many great writers make certain they write six to eight hours every work day, and work at least four or five days a wekk. Other successful writers write at home as they can, but one rule most successful ones follow is "an hour before noon." After you eat breakfast, before you have lunch, practice for an hour. Good musicians will practice in stages: warming up (loosen up by playing stuff you know and love), work on learning something new (especially new techniques, not just new songs), recall old stuff you don't practice as much. If you spend 15 minutes on warm up, 30 minutes on new techniques, and 15 minutes on relearning older pieces, you time will be well spent.

    Repeat when you can... but at least an hour before noon four days a week. When I was learning guitar, I practiced eight to sixteen hours... every day without fail. Sleep was less important and I was on summer break from school.

  5. I try it play all the time there is nothing like the sound of a ukulele. , but it ends up I play a lot at night because I work in the day and it is just fun to come home and play or learn a new song something. " VibroCount " came up with the best thing I couldn't think of, and I love the way he put it. so here it to you

  6. 4 years ago

    I usually have to play late in the evening. My father lives with me and he has Alzheimer's and requires a bit of my attention after I get home from work. So, I usually wait until he goes to bed then I try to practice for a while.

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