first original ukulele song..any good?

  1. 4 years ago

    made this in about 2 minutes pretty much just recorded a random chord progression and played some single notes to go along with it..also added some synth in to see how it would work o.o

    any positive/negative feedback is appreciated :-p

  2. I loved it! I'm finding it hard to believe this is your first song, though. One thing you could do to improve is try to strum a bit more softly. This song was energetic but seemed very calming, and I think it would make that extra little difference if you went a bit easier on those strings. Fantastic job!

  3. 3 years ago

    Yeah man I loved it! The synth added a nice effect

  4. 2 years ago

    Lots of nice interplay with the ukes. I love that. It has a great melody line and it's a cool chord sequence. Really nice job. You could really take that and expand on it

  5. cool dude here is mine

  6. 8 months ago

    Nice song. I just work on parodies of other songs though...

  7. 7 months ago

    really really nice i liked the tune well done

  8. It sounds great!

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