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    With talk of Kazoos on this section of the forum, I just had to share this with you. Amazing service from Doc Kazoo ... kazoo.html

  2. Wow, great article bazmaz! I've always been very tempted by the plastic kazoo's I see in music stores but have always passed them up assuming they probably sound pretty foul, but I'm not sure I'll be able to resist these. Doc Kazoo sounds like a great guy and so incredibly passionate about what he does

  3. -image-

    Between the image above, and a few recommendations (including Barry's), I ordered a Performer's FatBoy kazoo from Doc kazoo at . George has a huge variety of kazoos: many styles, sizes, woods, number of membranes, finishes, tones, prices. Before shipping they seem to run $20 to $50 each, with most in the $30 to $40 range.

    Once you order your style, Doc Kazoo, emails you to get details on what you want: woods, grains, beeswax or butcher block sealant finish. He then puts up daily photos of all the kazoos he has in the process of being made every day.

    Once he roughs out your kazoo, he posts a video on YouTube where he sound checks every kazoo he roughed out that day... might be one or two kazoos... on my day, he played seven!

    After he shapes your kazoo and gives it the first finishing coat, he puts up a second YouTube video of just your kazoo... showing him sanding and shaping the instrument and applying that first finish.

    He posts photos of the finished kazoos the day before he ships them out.

  4. The first photo I got was last Friday (I'm Cliff from California):


    Later that evening, he posted this to YouTube:

    ... he sound checks my kazoo at around 3:17.

  5. To give an idea of how many kazoos Doc works on at any given time, I show this (which includes mine):


  6. By Saturday evening, Doc had shaped and put the first finishing coat on Robert of California Performer's FatBoy kazoo, and posted this photo (mine is just to the right of the word "In"):


    later that evening Doc Kazoo posted this video on YouTube providing Robert with his second video:

    . I imagine the second video he sends for mine will be very similar... the difference between Robert's and my kazoos is Robert chose a beeswax finish and I chose butcher block sealer finish... but the size, model, word on our kazoos are nearly identical. These are hand made kazoos, custom made for each owner... each will be slightly different, even if the same.

  7. At the end of the day Sunday, he had not done any more on my kazoo, but he posted a photo of the kazoos he was to ship first thing Monday morning. Monday evening, he posted a photo of the kazoos he worked on after his post office trip, and it included Robert's and mine:


  8. Today, Doc finished Robert's kazoo, and began shaping mine. It appears mine might be the next one (or the second one) to get the final shaping and first finishing coat tomorrow, after he ships Robert's and a few others in the morning:


    As Doc Kazoo adds more photos and videos of my kazoo, I will add them to this thread.

  9. The third and final video on Robert's kazoo (and a second kazoo) is here:

    . It contains another sound check (exactly like the rough in sound test) and an assurance that a tracking number will be emailed after the kazoo is shipped off tomorrow.

  10. -image-

  11. -image-

    My kazoo has been shaped and the first coat of finish applied. That's it (wee tiny) in the insert of the oven on the lower right of the photo.

    It seems that Doc Kazoo's internet provider is upgrading fibre optics tonight, so my video will not be posted until tomorrow night. I know this will have zero effect on when I get my kazoo, but the anticipation is growing fast!

  12. -image-

  13. I asked for visible grain and figuring on the wood of my kazoo when I ordered it. Here is a larger photo of my shaped and finished kazoo, soo to be ready for shipping. It looks amazing... beautiful!


  14. This morning between midnight and 1 am (PST), Doc Kazoo posted my second video to YouTube, and sent me an email explaining:
    The FatBoy is almost finished. I am now applying the butcher block sealer. It will be ready for shipping Tuesday morning/ The butcher block takes a little longer as I have to wait 24 hours between applications and 24 hours for shipping after the final application.

  15. Doc Kazoo says after every finishing coat of butcher block sealer it takes 24 hours before he can apply the next coat, and after the final coat it will be 24 hours before it be packed for shipping. My kazoo received its first finishing coat on Thursday, and he says it will ship on Tuesday morning. That's a lot of finishing coats! Here's today's end of day photo with my kazoo with others in the oven in the inset:


  16. I have been posting updates to this process on a forum about rock and roll music, and the moderator asked where is the humbucker pickup... My answer was "On the Shure SM-57."

  17. Mine is among the mass of kazoos in the oven:


  18. Doc Kazoo is highlighting an oldstyle FatBoy which he has taken a much longer time than usual to create... a one-off beauty. I believe my kazoo is closest to the camera, on the right front of this photo.


  19. Just received the final video of my kazoo, and it will ship to me tomorrow:

    If the video gives it justice, I think it looks and sounds spectacular!

  20. Doc Kazoo emailed me a tracking number so I can follow my kazoo's progress from central Florida to central California.


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