Tuning a soprano

  1. 6 years ago

    i am tuning my new soprano ukulele and when tuning the bottom string (A) as i am turning the peg to tune the string higher, it feels as if the tension is building up to the point where the string is going to snap. am i doing something wrong? might be a very dumb question but i'm new to this stuff. thanks!

  2. it's not a stupid question at all. when you tune a new string there is going to be some pressure building up because the tone of the string depends on the tension. the A string is the highest and requires the most tension, as well as it being the thinnest string, so it might seem scary at first. just go slowly, the strings are meant to be stretched nice and taught so you should be fine. as you get closer to the true A note just go slowly and it shouldn't snap, and if it does, its a great opportunity to learn how to restring it. that is also a very important skill! good luck!

  3. Want scary? Wait until you tune a banjo. The metal strings are evil.

  4. yeah, violin strings are metal and evil too. and you hold it near your face

  5. Ian Whitcomb writes a funny story about this... he meets Roy Smeck, who he idolizes, and tells Smeck he, too, plaus ukulele. Smeck takes Witcomb's uke, tells him it's tuned improperly and tunes it higher than a banjo. Whitcomb goes on stage with said uke, and one of the strings breaks immediately. Whitcomb realizes Smeck sells uke strings... it's a sales tool!

    I have a reprint of a Roy Smeck ukulele instruction book, and it uses the D tuning (A D F# B), so... yeah.

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