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    I just got my first ukulele about a week ago and I love it! Although I am a guitarist, i feel very comfortable with my uke already. I have a Cordoba Model 10 CM. It has a rich sound and a great feel. At the price of $100, i highly recommend this uke for its sound, price, and overall greatness.

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    1 Aug 2012

    Welcome to the board UkeBeast...

    I'm not familiar with the Cordoba brand. Do you have an url to the brand website?

  3. Thankyou! Cordoba makes acoustic guitars of many sizes and also great ukes. You can find out more here

    I am not sure if I linked this properly, but I am happy to try again if it does not work!

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    1 Aug 2012

    The link works perfect. Nice looking Uke's!

  5. Cordobas are from a European factory that also make brands such as Antonio Carvalho and Risa acoustics.

    They are at the decent end of beginner ukes / into intermediates and I hear good things about them

  6. Welcome to the board UkeBeast...
    Not read much about Cordobas.. but then i dont read much.... enjoy yer UKe and the forum...

  7. I have the same ukulele, and I love it, alhough it doesn't sound as hawaiian as a lanikai. Its sound is still very full, and its one of the best that ive heard.

  8. I went to Guitar Center and was looking at ukes and the guy said that you shouldn't buy Cordobas. But since it is your first it isn't that big of a deal. One for sure good beginners brands is Lanikai solid choice.

  9. Did yours come with a special brand of strings?

  10. I have a cordoba ck25 it sounds pretty decent. it came with aquila strings, its a pretty nice uke.

  11. Is Aquila the main ukulele string making brand?

  12. "kina bram" I went to Guitar Center and was looking at ukes and the guy said that you shouldn't buy Cordobas. But since it is your first it isn't that big of a deal. One for sure good beginners brands is Lanikai solid choice.

    Cordoba ukes are quite a good brand. No offence to Guitar Center but I've yet to find a clerk in my local GC who really knows anything about ukes. They are also generally clueless about most acoustic guitars as well except for the rare exceptions.

  13. I have the same ukulele and I am very pleased with it. I have played guitar, on and off, for years now and just started the ukulele. The ukulele, and this model of ukulele in particular, is very rich and satisfying to hear and play.

  14. 5 years ago

    bazmaz are you sure that cordoda ukes come from the same factory that Antonio carvalho ukes? I ask cause APC(antonio carvalho) are suposed to be a small factory but i already spot at least 4 brands of ukes make by then and that is realy odd. sorry for my grammar :P

  15. Hey folks! Merry Christmas. Santa brought me a Cordoba 20TM-CE. It is a Tenor Uke with solid mahogany back and sides. I'm new to the ukulele and my only prior experience was with a crappy plastic one with friction tuners that would not stay in tune for five seconds. So, it obviously doesn't compare.

    However, I'm a long-time guitar player with an eye for quality when it comes to most stringed instruments, and can confidently say that the Cordoba is a solid instrument and well put together. The fit and finish were excellent out of the box and the action seems to be right according to what I've read about ukuleles. After learning a few chords, I was strumming along to some of my favorite ukulele-based songs. (I don't know why I didn't get a uke earlier... too busy buying other instruments.) This this is just darned fun to play and looks nice. It also has onboard electronic preamp, so plugged into my mixer, added a little reverb and now I'm ready to play live or record!

    So, I can only compare to guitars... It reminds me of a miniaturized Martin 000 15M... which is an outstanding little guitar. Online reviews seem to be good, so it looks like a good deal to me... I mean it was a present, so I guess the fact I don't want to return it or trade if for something else is a good sign. No sign of any flaws yet, but if I find any, I'll be back to post an update.

    Have a happy New Year!

    Reviews and demo video at Sweetwater:

  16. Got the Cordoba 20TM-CE and the Lanikai LU-TEK, both from Guitar Center.They price matched the best I could find, so a good deal on both. I'm trying them both and will return one within 30 days.
    The Cordoba definitely has a more mellow sound. I like the looks and it is well made. But the action sucked when I got it. All of the strings were so high they were hard to fret. The C string was so much higher than the other strings, when I strummed it kept catching my finger. So brave soul that I am and it's within my 30 days demo. I filed down the base of the saddle first, but the C string kept grabbing, so I then filed the C string channel on the nut, and it helped so much I filed the E string also. So, finally the action is decent. It doesn't have a built-in tuner and only treble and bass on the pickup.
    The Lanikai feels cheaper with the plywood construction which contributes to a thinner more ringing sound, much more like a traditional tinka tinka ukulele. I dislike the white plastic banding around the top and bottom. I feel like it will tear and peel off after some time. The action feels just right out of the box and I'm not going to jack with it and it's easy to chnka chnka. Plus it has a built-in tuner with treble, mid and bass on the pickup.
    The Cordoba construction is better, but the tuners on the Lanikai are smoother So now the comparison is just down to which sound I prefer. I could talk about the electronics, but I don't consider them as important and haven't got that far yet.
    If I could, I'd like to try the Grestch G9121 and the Oscar Schmidt OU6-CLE if anyone has compared these 2 let me know.

  17. I purchased the Cordoba UP100 Concert Ukulele kit at our local Sam Ash store. I had no idea what to look for first and it was a spur of the moment purchase. The kit came with a gig bag, a chromatic tuner, and some picks and it was $100. In my opinion it has a beautiful sound to it, the construction on it looks very good, the gig bag is a little thin, but it serves it's purpose.

    The Cordoba website doesn't show this kit, so I'm not certain if this particular Ukulele is one of the other models with a different model number stamped in it or not. I'm happy with it.

  18. Spent several weeks with the Cordoba 20TM-CE and the Lanikai LU-TEK and Oscar Schmidt OU6-LCE and Gretsch G9121. All about the same price. LIked the Cordoba rich sound, bu not the electronics and the neck was too thin, so I kept fat fingerimg strings. Didn't like the Lanikai. Sounded too thin. Then the Oscar Schmidt had good spacing on the strings, so I made clear chords. But the sound was a bit dead and not rich, but again didn't like the electronics. Finally settled on the Gretsch. The sound is full, the string spacing is good, the tuners are good and the electronics sound right. Overall the Gretsch is right for me.
    The Uke selection is a very personal choice and fortunately we have many types. I hope everyone else takes the time to find the Uke that's right for them.

  19. i just got my new uke, rosie, 4 days ago. she's a cordoba 35t ! i love her. beauty..

  20. 3 years ago

    Hello there,

    The first UKE , being a professional rock guitar player for too many years to go into, was the Cordoba 15CM. I have been playing now for a couple years and it sounds great. Everyone always remarks to me about it. I too am in the market for a better instrument ( without breaking the bank, of course). I have been eye ballin a Kala Koa concert and an Oscar S. Can't make up my mind. Ant way, till I do, I am very pleased with the Cordoba.
    Have a Blessed Day.

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