Jaw Harp: fun with overtones/harmonics

  1. 7 years ago

    You know that funny thing Snoopy played in the Peanuts cartoons? Yeah, a jaw harp.

    I can play one. Pity is, Snoopy never showed you what they can really do. I'm not bashing Snoopy--that dog had mad jaw-harp skills. But the producers thought it was too much and just might blow little kids minds.

    Snoopy still makes and sell the best jaw harps I've found anywhere, though.

    The cool thing with one of these is they only make one tone--only one note. The many sounds are the result of manipulating the overtones with your mouth. Hey, that's how we talk, too!

    Any of you ever play one or any other overtone instrument?

  2. thongar

    30 Aug 2012 Moderator

    Haha. That's so awesome! Did you buy that online? Or somewhere else? I definitely need to get one of those.

  3. I play the guitar, the violin, and I know a little bit of the accordion. But that's my sisters instrument. And OBVIOUSLY I play the ukulele!!!

  4. [deleted]

    30 Aug 2012

    I once had one, and it broke a small piece of my tooth! (when I really really wanted a hard tone )

  5. I have one, but I could never figure out how play it.

  6. wow! i never knew what these things were called! I always referred to it as that ''boingy boingy noise you usually hear in westerns''. I thought it was just a sound effect.

  7. HappyTom

    18 Nov 2012 Moderator

    Thanks for posting this. I bought one of these a few months back, but it was not the snoopy one, it was a cheap brass knock off and it did not work at all. I may buy one of these snoopy ones.

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