Guitar Foot board

  1. 7 years ago

    I am a guitarist, and I am also interested in an awesome foot board! Any one have a recommendation of a foot board for a reasonable price?

  2. sorry since I know this is no help but..... Whats a footboard?

  3. They are a combination of different pedals all on one device to switch your am setting while playing, especially live.
    Check some out!

    This is one I found online and it is a good example. I do not have it though, but it looks awesome!

  4. My pedalboard is a collection of effects pedals. I prefer analog pedals to the digital multi-effects pedals. However, I have more invested in my pedalboard that I do my vehicle. Especially when you get into the realm of boutique pedals and isolated power supplies. If you end up going this route, I can give you a whole lesson on true bypass vs buffers.

    If your are set on the multi-effect unit, I would go with the Line 6 pod stuff. Their new HD Pods and Pod Pro stuff it pretty spot on. Second would have to be the Boss GT boards. Those are pretty nice too, and have some cool features (loops and channel switching for your amp). If you want to go all out, you can get rack units and program MIDI foot controllers, but that's a lot of work and a lot of money.

  5. The Line 6 Pod stuff is good, might also want to look into the Vox ToneLab series. The other one to check out, depending on your budget, is the TC Electronic Nova System. it's $500, which is pretty steep but TC Electronic makes the best stuff

  6. 6 years ago

    The only way to pick an outboard effect is to use it with your guitar and your amp.

    I play very clean... I have vintage pickups with low output, and my amp (a mid-1960's Fender Showman) is biased very low for a loudish but fairly clean tone. If I want distortion, I add a pedal... I take my guitar to the dealer, plug it into his effects pedals through a Twin Reverb with the volume low (he objects to making room for the huge piggyback Showman with a two 15" speaker cabinet) and try every pedal he offers. When I find the tone I like, I get that one pedal, regardless of cost (cheap, expensive, whatever).

    So I have a DanEcho (mostly off), a reissue Fender Reverb tank (medium to low), and the tremolo (mostly off) on the Showman. Because my style is not what I like if I add distortion.

    Every pedal sounds different. And they sound different with every guitar, every pickup, every time. Find the sound you like with your guitar. Expect to spend some time choosing one... then expect eventually to change your mind and look for another.

    It is very difficult to get the right one off the internet. Use a store to find your choice.

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