Finger Pain

  1. 7 years ago

    When you play your uke (or any string instrument, really) your fingers need to toughen up before the pain will stop. Luckily, it won't take long, and you probably won't notice it as they do. The important thing is to not soak your fingers with they hurt!
    Just play on your regular schedule and ignore the pain (unless it gets too unbearable) after a few weeks of regular practice, you'll be playing like a pro!

  2. Your finger tips will get callouses and hard and ready to jam!

  3. I play banjo and the steel strings really did a number on my fingertips. Ukulele is no prob for me.

  4. I wouldn't advocate ignoring pain. The uke needs to be fun - push it til it hurts and you may out yourself off.

    More importantly, if you get joint or tendon pains, definitely don't ignore the pain - you could do yourself real longer term damage like tendinitis

  5. Yeah time and practice will help the callouses form. Also NOT smashing the strings to the fretboard like your life depended on it (like I tend to do) helps. :-)

  6. It is best to take breaks between practice sessions. If the pain keeps up, hold off on practicing. Your fingers will get sore but it can just be your fingers using muscles you never knew you had. If it is persistent joint pain or pain that is INSIDE your hand, please rest.

  7. Second to the stopping when you feel pain. You should ignore it if it's merely uncomfortable. Uncomfortable can be good. Most chords are pretty uncomfortable when you're just starting out. If it's painful, that's your body's way of telling you "Hey, see that thing you're doing? Stop that. Stop it now." It behooves you to heed your body's advice. I have friends who have powered through finger pain when learning violin, guitar, piano, what have you, that ended up with some serious problems like carpel tunnel and tendinitis. Pain is bad. Never play through pain. If it's superficial, then it'll go away after a while when you develop callouses/stronger muscles and stop bothering you.

  8. Nothing compares to the pain of learning double bass. [color=#FF0000]Nothing.[/color]

  9. Finger pain is something you always get when you start playing the uke... unless you've played other string instruments before. But i would suggest that you try to ignore it and it will eventually go away. your fingers will naturally harden themselves and it shouldn't be a problem after that. Keep on strummin!

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