Are there any Aviary users here?

  1. 7 years ago

    Hey everyone. I belong(ed - its closing) to a site called Aviary. I was just wondering if anyone here used it. We had a very active forum community, and I was just hoping to find some of my friends here For those who don't know, Aviary was a free, online image and music editor, and in my opinion, the best on the web. It is still open until the 15th of September, but after that it closes forever . Also, if any of you have used Aviary/know of it, does anyone have any reccomendations of new programs to use now that it is closing? Thanks!

  2. Sorry but no. It sucks when you find a reliable product and then its discontinued...

  3. Reaper! Hands down the best and most affordable solution for recording. You get a product every bit as powerful as pro-tools for a fraction of the cost. They have a free trial that gives you access to the entire product for a month I believe, after that its $30.

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