What Inspired You to Play Uke?

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  2. 3 years ago

    Amanda Palmer's "Ukulele Anthem"....
    That is the song that started it all for me.

    "You can minimize a strangers sadness
    with a piece of wood and plastic.
    Holy fuck it's so fantastic
    playing ukulele"

  3. I was viewing guitar lessons online and stumbled across some Uke videos. Decided "Hey, I can do that too!" So I bought a cheap Uke, changed out the strings and started watching YouTube and various sites that offer free Uke lessons. So now I play guitar, violin and Uke. Now I want to get a nose flute. One can never learn too many instruments.

    Music is communication. Music is life. Music is story telling. Music is feeling. Music is everything.

  4. Well, my father played the guitar, and I always wanted to, but I got tiny baby hands. Seriously though, my 15 year old has longer fingers than I do. The eight year old is catching up fast. So I got tiny baby hands, and stubby fingers and a child's guitar was giving me trouble. Sad panda.
    Years pass, I finally get up the courage to try stringed instruments again. Fiddle? No.... Fancy Fiddle? (Violin?) Nah. Cello? We don't have room for a cow in our apartment, Aunt Debra.
    What's me? What's like me? What's small, utterly ridiculous, and mildly annoying? Accordion! (Dear god no. We are not ready to go that far off the goofy meter)
    Ukulele. Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  5. Ever since I discovered Amanda Palmer, I wanted to play Ukulele. I was in choir and I already knew a lot about Music Theory, so it was very easy to pick it up and understand and read music. I'm 16 and in Sophomore year of High School, Tomorrow is PSATS and I'm playing my Uke to relieve stress as well. I'm planning to write songs on my guitar and Uke and I'm going to teach myself Piano, once I get one and release songs on Soundcloud cause why the heck not!! ^-^

  6. Pink Guy.
    I'm serious.

  7. When I began to really get into Twenty One Pilots, I knew I wanted to play uke. A couple years back I tried guitar, but I deemed it too complicated and gave up, despite various people telling me I shouldn't. When my friend got her first ukulele, at first I thought it was weird. But the more I watched Tyler Joseph and CrankGameplays and even Pink Guy play, the more I wanted to get one. So I did, and I've never been so passionate about something before. Twenty One Pilots will forever be my inspiration. |-/

  8. My sister inspired me. I always saw her playing and I thought, I should start playing. I used her old one and I found this website and played then started to jam on the Ukulele.

  9. I used to play the piano since i was 6, and i always wanted to play the guitar as well. But the thing is, i have delicate hands with long skinny and strengthless fingers, so it was really painful playing the guitar for me. Then i thought that maybe i could try uke, which is smaller and with softer strings... Once i had my first uke, i found out my kind of instrument for life!!

  10. I play the violin and the acoustic and electric guitar so I thought why not play the uke as well? At the time I wasn't for sure if I wanted to play but I had a lot of Samoan and Hawaiian friends who played the uke and it was so beautiful sounding! From that day I was certain I wanted to play the uke!

  11. my brother actually bought a ukulele at a yard sale for 4.50, but he never used it and my best friend plays so I asked my brother if I could have his. I have been playing ever since.

  12. What inspired me, rather who inspired me are Dodie Clark and Jon Cozart

  13. Dodie Clark.

  14. Dodie Clark

  15. i needed something easy and sweet to play while singing, my brother happened to have just bought an ukulele and i went with it

  16. I am a huge Beatles fan. A few years ago when the Anthology series came out I learned that George Harrison played one. As did his mum when he was growing up. It was about this time that the ukulele was becoming a widely popular instrument. Easy to learn and play a few basic chords and songs. Then I saw Brittni Paiva on YouTube playing Dave Brubeck's Take Five. Another inspiration along with Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. And I found another young player who I love listening to and that's EmiSunshine. She plays and sings in her family's bluegrass band and she and her mother write all their originals.

  17. i had gotten into guitar when i was 16 played it a few years and when i went to basic training my house was broken into and all my instruments and gear were stolen. killed my drive to want to play music if my stuff kept getting stolen. had a break of 2 years or so and wanted to play again but didn't want to buy expensive stuff for people to steal. so a cheap uke i picked up in Ireland did the trick. i played it when i was deployed in iraq to keep up my morale and apparently it help other people too. and been playing it since and love it and will never stop

  18. Back in 2003, I was in grade 3 music class and we watched a video of a dog puppet explaining the tuning of ukuleles. It was "My dog has fleas." I thought it was cute so I wanted to play. My class never continued lessons after that video because my teacher was sick with leukemia and later died. I didn't try to learn on my own because I was focused on my violin, piano, and clarinet lessons. Then five years later, I met a boy from Hawaii and he impressed me with his playing. He introduced me to ukulele underground on YouTube. After that, my grandmother bought me a ukulele from the Philippines. I learned to play songs from this site and played along to Aldrine Guerrero's videos. Then, a friend introduced me to Never Shout Never and I fell in love. Once I got better at playing, I got my tenor ukulele with my first paycheck in 2010. My biggest inspiration is Jake Shimabukuro. One day, I will learn to play Bohemian Rhapsody like him. Also, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Forgetful Lucy from 50 First Dates, and Lilo and Stitch enhanced my love for the Ukulele and Hawaii.

  19. What Inspired Me to Play the Uke? Well, About a year ago...I was watching Grace Vanderwaal on AGT and she was great! I loved how she had a "tiny guitar" and it sounded great! Then, about 4 months ago....I discovered Dodie Clark! I just loved the sound of the ukulele! Recently, I watched a Grace Vanderwaal video showing off her pineapple Kiwi uke! I then instantly wanted to play a pineapple ukulele! Now I have a great one and am playing my heart out everyday! I love Ukes!

  20. For me it was a mixture of Grace Vanderwaal, Amanda Palmer and a Hungarian Youtuber guy I follow called Csuszy. But actually, the reason why I have a uke now is probably that I missed my bus to IKEA :D
    I've always been interested in writing songs, but the only instrument I could play properly was the piano (and many different kinds of flutes, but you can't play those and sing at the same time unless you're an alien XD), and it's a bit complicated to carry around a piano all the time to play it whenever you feel like :D So I wanted to learn playing something else. I tried the guitar, but it was too big and uncomfortable (it still is, along with ukuleles bigger than soprano size, so I don't really like playing any other ukes but soprano). Then I saw little Grace in AGT and I looked up her instrument because it was so cute, and I realised that Csuszy (the Youtuber) and Amanda Palmer (the wife of one of my favourite authors) also play that and I was like "so that's a ukulele. I must get one". But I wasn't really serious about it at first.
    So one day when I moved to a new flat and needed to buy some stuff, I wanted to go to IKEA, but I missed the bus and had something like 20 minutes until the next one. There's an instrument shop right next to the bus stop, so I went inside to look around and asked the guy if I could try a ukulele. That was the first time I got one in my hands and seriously, it was like holding a newborn baby :D I didn't buy it back then but only a couple of weeks later, but it was the best decision of my life.

  21. I first heard Silv3rt3ar's (Elise's) acoustic covers of various K-Pop songs on Youtube, and I've always wanted to play like her. In the beginning I tried guitar, but my hands were too small and I couldn't switch chords easily so I gave ukulele a go. It worked just fine and here I am now (●´ω`●)

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