What Inspired You to Play Uke?

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  2. 3 years ago

    I do a bit of entertaining of seniors and thought some musical instrument might be an advantage. Somehow, I just decided on a uke. Have now got a small few (a beautiful toned Kala, a bright yellow smiley face Mahalo - for effect, a banjolele and a rebuilt ultra cheapy which is not fully functional yet). I'm not too bad at chords, cannot finger pick a single note, and am having trouble getting strumming patterns in my tiny brain but ENJOYING every minute of it all...

  3. Ozzie Wright! He's a freaking legend and one of the funkiest dudes I've ever seen. If ur into mystical uke type stuff, check out his album 'Ozzie Wrong's Ukulele Songs' it's on spotify.

  4. Ozzie Wright! He's a freaking legend and one of the funkiest dudes I've ever seen. If ur into mystical uke type stuff, check out his album 'Ozzie Wrong's Ukulele Songs' it's on spotify.

  5. My girlfriend. She said that one of us will come out great duo

  6. When my parents sent me to wilderness, I saw one of my counselors playing that dumb Lava song from Inside Out, and I thought I could annoy people with such a tiny instrument. So I asked my parents for one, and they got me one for about $50. Not only did it annoy people, it was really fun to play. To this day, I love playing uke.

  7. I just wanted to learn how to play the ukelele because i wanted to learn this song called 'city of stars' and then while i was looking for steven universe songs to play on the uke, i saw this video with this girl with amazing uke skills and fantastic singing. she is my idol.

  8. Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots :3

  9. 2 years ago

    tyler joseph

  10. colleen mae ballinger :)

  11. twenty one pilots

  12. I actually started playing the ukulele when my little brother got his. I have been practicing on his since. I actually just got my first ukulele 2 weeks ago! I feel like I am in the intermediate level... My Favorite Artist is Owl City!

  13. Two words: Tyler Joseph.

  14. I wanted to start to push my brain.. as an "older" person, I know it is important to keep the brain active. I took up guitar and tried to play for over 6 months. Got frustrated and stopped. Someone told me Uke is quicker to learn. My girlfriend surprised me with one for Christmas and I haven't put it down since. I can actually play music with this little instrument! Taking lessons and having fun...So happy I didn't give up.

  15. Amanda Palmer's "Ukulele Anthem"....
    That is the song that started it all for me.

    "You can minimize a strangers sadness
    with a piece of wood and plastic.
    Holy fuck it's so fantastic
    playing ukulele"

  16. I was viewing guitar lessons online and stumbled across some Uke videos. Decided "Hey, I can do that too!" So I bought a cheap Uke, changed out the strings and started watching YouTube and various sites that offer free Uke lessons. So now I play guitar, violin and Uke. Now I want to get a nose flute. One can never learn too many instruments.

    Music is communication. Music is life. Music is story telling. Music is feeling. Music is everything.

  17. Well, my father played the guitar, and I always wanted to, but I got tiny baby hands. Seriously though, my 15 year old has longer fingers than I do. The eight year old is catching up fast. So I got tiny baby hands, and stubby fingers and a child's guitar was giving me trouble. Sad panda.
    Years pass, I finally get up the courage to try stringed instruments again. Fiddle? No.... Fancy Fiddle? (Violin?) Nah. Cello? We don't have room for a cow in our apartment, Aunt Debra.
    What's me? What's like me? What's small, utterly ridiculous, and mildly annoying? Accordion! (Dear god no. We are not ready to go that far off the goofy meter)
    Ukulele. Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  18. Ever since I discovered Amanda Palmer, I wanted to play Ukulele. I was in choir and I already knew a lot about Music Theory, so it was very easy to pick it up and understand and read music. I'm 16 and in Sophomore year of High School, Tomorrow is PSATS and I'm playing my Uke to relieve stress as well. I'm planning to write songs on my guitar and Uke and I'm going to teach myself Piano, once I get one and release songs on Soundcloud cause why the heck not!! ^-^

  19. Pink Guy.
    I'm serious.

  20. When I began to really get into Twenty One Pilots, I knew I wanted to play uke. A couple years back I tried guitar, but I deemed it too complicated and gave up, despite various people telling me I shouldn't. When my friend got her first ukulele, at first I thought it was weird. But the more I watched Tyler Joseph and CrankGameplays and even Pink Guy play, the more I wanted to get one. So I did, and I've never been so passionate about something before. Twenty One Pilots will forever be my inspiration. |-/

  21. My sister inspired me. I always saw her playing and I thought, I should start playing. I used her old one and I found this website and played then started to jam on the Ukulele.

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