What Inspired You to Play Uke?

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  2. 6 years ago

    Mine is kind of silly. The mother (when she was still "The Mother") played a uke on one of the last episodes a few months ago and I loved it. I then found myself on YouTube, watching a cover of "Wanna Be Like You", and wanted to learn. My roommate found out and gave me her like new Kohala Soprano. I didn't get REALLY into it until just after my 23rd birthday (April 3). I can't go a day without playing now!!!

  3. I retired and was thinking about learning to play my daughter's guitar, which was just laying around in the basement. I got it out, looked at it, messed with it for about a week, then went to Puerto Rico for the winter. While in Puerto Rico I decided that guitars were too big to haul around, to pretentious to play, and weren't all that fun. I got to thinking that a ukulele is small, easy to take along to the beach or wherever you are going on a bicycle or walking, it fits in my checked luggage when I fly, and they are not so serious as a lot of other instruments. So I got a ukulele and it has been great. My motto is that is is better to get up late and play the ukulele than it is to get up early and go to work.

  4. I go to a Charter School so basically when I go to class and we are waiting for a class or something we can draw, play an instrument, whatever we so desire. I had already learned guitar but it has always been hard for me because I have stubby fingers and I couldn't get barre chords down because it hurt to much no matter how many calluses I got. So one day a friend of mine brought in her ukulele to school and she was just playin' it everywhere she went and it looked so easy and I've always loved the sound of a Uke anyway. So she let me play it a bit and even the barre chords didn't hurt, it was great and just my size haha.

  5. Bought it on a whim, and three weeks later I still love it!

  6. 4 years ago

    I used to live in New Zealand, right next to a nunnery. One of the nuns there, Sister Cabrini, played the ukulele and so she taught me. I loved it so much that my parents got me my Carlos uke for Christmas.

    Best. Present. Ever.

  7. Several things. I played Uke as a teenager, and learned from an Arthur Godfrey book. I stopped playing for 40 years.

    I saw Petty Booka playing "Sophisticated Hula" on Ghoul A Go Go, a cool retro public access kids show.

    Last year, a man at a old time baseball ga,e pulled one out and started playing.

    There's a ukulele store about 4 miles from my house, and I got it in my head I wanted to play again. That was about a year ago, and it's been a great adventure ever since. Not only did I get an therapeutic instrument, get to sing again, I got a new social circle.

    Highly recommended!

  8. A girl at church camp when I was in junior high had one back in the early in the 70's I thought it was pretty cool. About twenty years ago I had the opportunity to buy one on the internet. I bought a book but hated playing most of the songs. Some I knew because my mom or grandma sang them but they were not my cup of tea. I'd make it through the book about once every couple of years then get disgusted because I had songs in my mind that I wanted to play but couldn't. This winter I managed to look online found a few websites and this one stuck with me. I also checked into You-Tube tutorials. I have been playing every day since. Two of the things that drew me here was the ability to transpose so I can sing in a key I am most comfortable and the other is the ability to find and contribute songs that are not stereotypically ukulele songs. I'd have to say it is this site that has inspired me most of all. This is the best place to play if you aren't able to learn from any real live humans.

  9. twenty one pilots and dodie clark lmao

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    @Muffintut twenty one pilots and dodie clark lmao

    Same with the Dodie thing c: I already play guitar so I thought it wouldn't be too difficult to learn, and ukes are just so cute!

  12. I was hanging out with my friend in her dorm room and her roommate had just gotten a ukulele. I played with it a little while and knew by the time I left the building that I had to have my own.

  13. I had been watching a youtuber named Dodie Clark's videos for about 2-3 years and she played ukulele in most of her videos. I saw how nice she played and how beautiful all her songs were that i decided to get one myself and try it out.

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  15. I sing and play different instruments for years now, but I felt like the instruments I had been playing weren't "mine". I felt happy about playing these, but something was missing. Years ago I randomly found a video of Dodie Clark on Youtube, and it was like YES THIS IS MUSIC THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO PLAY and... Here I am now. And thanks to that I discovered twenty one pilots. And my love for the uku is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Magic.

  16. At first it was my sister, whom I love and admire, especially musically. She bought a uke on her vacation in Israel and taught herself. I wanted to but I didn't have the motivation. What gave me the final push was Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots. I cherish this band very closely to my heart and I felt as though listening to their music wasn't enough. I wanted to experience it, to play it.
    the rest is history.

  17. I'm obsessed with twenty one pilots and I wanted to play their songs so i learned! <///3

  18. Dodie Clark!

  19. besides vocals, i have little to no musical ability. i struggle to read sheet music, but i watch musicians (especially those in my school's band) with great admiration. i wanted to be able to play something. i was interested in the ukulele but wasn't sure whether or not it would be a waste of my money. if in the end i couldn't play, or learn to play it then i'd have spent the money for nothing. but i kept seeing covers with the uke and i got more and more interested. i did my research and finally decided to get one. so i did. it has been one of my greatest investments. i played it constantly and found websites like this one that have helped me learn.

  20. i have been playing uke since i was in 4th grade( im in 8th now) so nearly 4 years:) i started playing because at the time i was obsessed with nevershoutnever. in all elementary school my sis used to play to the way to school and i became literally the biggest fan girl of him. i asked for a uke for my bday and got a concert lankai i think. i was very off and on playing my uke tho. in 8th grade i really really started playing more:)
    dodie clark is one of my favourite human beings too. i also love jon cozart and grace but my inspiration was christopher drew ingle

  21. My sister got a uke as a birthday present, and, being the superfan of How I Met Your Mother that I am, I decided to learn how to play (and sing along) "La vie en rose". I kept going and, well, as they say, the rest is history :)

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