What Inspired You to Play Uke?

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  2. 7 years ago

    A little girl from Thialand.

  3. As a kid I would watch and listen to my daddy play on his big barotone ukulele. I would take his uke when he wasn't looking and play by ear. Later, I learned a few chords and the rest is history. So, there you go. It was my dad.

  4. My boyfriend has one in his music room and so when I went to his house for the first time I demanded he show me something and he showed me how to play I'm Yours and now I can play it better than him I love it so much !


  6. Christofer Drew, and My counselor, and My aunt who all play ukulele. Christofer Drew is part of the band Nevershoutnever and several of his songs have ukulele. I love the ukulele sound and how simple it is.

  7. I'm a drummer originally, but I bought a uke in Scotland last summer. It sat in a corner for a while,
    but then back problems kept me from the drums for some time. I then picked up the uke and caught the virus,
    including UAS. So now I have three ukes:

    • Vintage VUK20 Soprano (the first one)
    • Korala UKT-40 Tenor
    • Makala MK-B Baritone
  8. I joined a sea shanty singing group this past winter. It soon became apparent that we wanted to broaden our repetoire which meant instruments. We had member who could play guitar, mandolin and flute, but I wasn't contributing anything. I saw a soprano at Guitar Center while getting bass strings for my son. $45, so I bought it on a whim. A week later I could play half a dozen songs well. I bought a tenor on ebay. I am totally hooked! I dream about playing uke as soon as I get home from work.

  9. I injured my knee and knew the recovery would take several months, during which time I'd be spending a lot of time sitting around. What better way to spend the time than learning the uke?

  10. Our music teacher bought 30 cheap Ukes that were on sale and decided our class was going to learn the basics of it. I liked it and got the hang of a few chords, so I told my parents and they bought me a Makala for my birthday

  11. mainly, these two right here made me, i thought it was cool for awhile but there made me buy a uke

  12. a girl. She loves ukulele.

  13. Well, it all started while I was living in Anchorage, Alaska. There is a very large pacific islander(Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan) population in Anchorage. So naturally I had a bunch of Samoan friends who all knew how to play uke. So one day, I'm playing guitar in the music room, with a swoon of girls surrounding me, and my friend Joe comes in with his brand new Lanikai. He completely steals all my girls by playing "Hey soul sister" and having them sing along. I knew that I had to learn. I had Joe teach me every day at lunch. Christmas came and I begged my parents to get me a uke. When school was back in, Joe and I became a ukulele duo and got all the girls... long story short, Girls and a close friend Inspired me.

  14. Went into Guitar Center for a strap, bought a Uke. Went back two days later for a book, Ukes were on sale, so I bought another. Then two more on Ebay.

  15. Saw video on youtube~Jake Shimabukuro and Aidan...They played good~kinda inspired me to play

  16. I found a 50 year old Ukulele hidden away, and put new strings on it

  17. Actually, two songs. First, Moving On by Paramore. I was watching Taylor play his uke in a very cute way (well... I love him, so...) and I was totally "OMG, this is so perfect". But was when I knew McFly's "Love Is Easy" that I realized that I NEEDED to play that song SO HARD. So I made my dad buy a ukulele to me

  18. Christofew Drew Ingle from NeverShoutNever

  19. When the band McFly released Love is easy and heard it in the song I also liked the guitar but everywhere you look there' s someone playing one so I wanted something similar but really different

  20. The Jake Shimabukuro cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps showed me how creative you can be with so few strings. It inspired me to buy a cheap little $60 uke that I began to play, and from there I just got hooked. I'm still pretty horrible at the ukulele, but I enjoy it enough to keep me working at it.

  21. I was watching a tv show called Raising Hope and the girl playing the ukulele to the kids, dogs and old people just made me laugh. I am going to be a father in october so i thought i would learn for my baby girl.

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